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Website building

Have a small business and need a website built? Our network of highly trained specialists can build it from scratch or offer consultancy on the existing website builders such as Squarespace, Wix and many others.

Interactive marketing

Are you looking to engage with your customers in an exciting new way? We can help you develop gamified experiences. Our consultants and developers are experienced with Unity and Unreal Engine as well as Android and iOS development so we have you covered.


Whether you need a new logo, are looking for a custom made Wordpress theme or need a whole press kit made our very dedicated and talented network of designers can help turn your ideas into reality.

Candidate vetting

Sometimes you need to hire an in house developer but do not posses the knowledge to accurately gauge their technical level. Our candidate vetting service delivers quality interviews to make sure you get the best candidate possible.

Software auditing

Want piece of mind that the software being developed for your business is fit for purpose? We can provide an impartial review and feedback on the state of things and propose a roadmap to get you from A to Z.

Monolith overhaul

A lot of businesses end up having to maintain large monoliths as they evolve and their tech evolves with them. Our network includes engineers specialised in overhauling this type of monoliths into modern solutions.

Besides the bite-sized services described above we also offer more comprehensive solutions. From designing a complete software product tailored to your needs and implementing it, to providing Agile (SCRUM and Kanban) training and advice. Be it software or hardware, we can help make sure that you have everything covered for the best possible results.

Whether you want to get a quote or additional details regarding any of our services you can find our contact details by clicking the button below.

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   Our story

We started all the way back in 2012. Back then we were a small Bucharest based freelancing company. Most of our activity consisted of creating WordPress plugins and integrations for customers around the world. It has been a long journey since then.

In late 2014 we had to temporarily close our doors after a series of unfortunate events, both internal and external. It was a real struggle trying to keep the lights running and, in the end, we had to admit defeat and close shop. We had to say goodbye to a few very talented employees and some dear internal projects that never saw the light of day.

As of 2018 however, we have been reborn from the ashes of previous struggles. With a broader network of consultants and a greater ambition to build better products we are now stronger than ever. Moving our HQ to London meant more opportunities, more events and more avenues to explore.

The pandemic hit everyone hard from the beginning of 2019 but, thankfully, we have managed to avoid any large impacts to our workflows as most of our work was remote to begin with. Some of our long term partners have not been as lucky and we have been offering them flexible rates. We'd rather offer a discount now and keep our partners around than be fixed on prices and lose them forever.

In 2021 we are looking to the future and continue to expand our network as well as the range of domains we provide services in.

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